Graduation Gifts

Party in a box gift
Party in a box gift

A gift that is a party and present all in one! Great for graduations! It’s one way to put a fun spin on a monetary gift! To find out how to put one together, check my earlier post – Party in a Box Gift

College Graduate Gift
Graduation Gift
Graduation Gift

What do you give to a new college graduate? Here is a fun idea – My nephew recently graduated and I wished to give his gift of money a creative, fun twist.  I purchased a dress shirt and on a  card I wrote:   “Now that you are a professional – the girls are going to expect a higher level of elegance on your dates.  Here is a ‘Date’ shirt and $  for you! Congratulations!”

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Gift Ideas for High School Graduates

Above is a gift I prepared for a recent high school graduate.  He is heading off to college in the fall and I wanted to help him prepare by providing a few necessary items for his dorm room! Really – I just wanted to make giving a monetary gift fun, as you can tell from my “gift tags” and my choice of items…..I do whatever it takes to make it entertaining! To come up with a possible list of items to include in a future college student’s gift, I probed the mind of my daughter (former freshman, now junior college student). Here is her list of dorm gift ideas!

Extension Cord
Command Hooks
Hangers…lots of hangers!
Plastic Silverware…her quote “because you know you won’t do dishes”
Set of tools…she used these many times!
Desk Lamp Desk Organizer
Sticky notes
Shower shoes
Shower Caddy
Alarm Clock
Framed Family Picture….picture of mom (that was my addition, not her’s)