Party in a Box Gift

Party in a box gift
Party in a box gift

Graduation Party Box Gift

When just a gift is not enough!

Years ago a niece was graduating from high school and I felt bad that we were unable to attend her celebration.  Wanting to do something special for her; to send her more than just a gift; I came up with the party in a box.  Inside the party box was a mini celebration that began as soon as the package was unwrapped.  It was so well received that I replicated the same idea for a group of my daughters close friends when they graduated from high school.

What you need for a Mini-Party Box

Balloons and Streamers- This made the filling for my package.  After lining my box with tissue paper, I used curling ribbon for streamers.  The curling ribbon works well since it will remain in excellent twirled form even after bouncing around the mail truck!
I also added small blown up balloons.  Because I didn’t fill the balloons with too much air they were unlikely to pop and made for a festive package filling!

 Gifts-  Wrap your gifts or cards and include them in the box.  I usually send cards with money for graduations and the party box makes getting a card all the more special!

 A banner-  Every congratulatory party needs a banner and the party box is no exception.  I taped together long narrow strips of colored paper.  After writing out Congratulations, I used my favorite scrap-booking accessory and punched out colored circles for each girl’s name.  I than rolled it, tied it up with curling ribbon and placed it in the box along with the gifts.

 Cake-  Since sending a cake was not an option, I sent this wonderful box of chocolate Lindt Petits Desserts.  It was perfect!  They looked like petit fours and are quite delicious!  You can locate them by checking the Lindt website.
There are lots of wonderful options available!

 Guests  Lastly, every party has to have guests.  So I created a tri-fold, stand on it’s own, guest card made with cardstock and filled with pictures of my family.  I even included a picture of the dog! I folded it up, labeled the outside and tied it with ribbon.


Party in a box gift
Party in a box gift

The party box idea can be used for any celebrations.  Send me ideas on how you have used the Party in a Box idea for your out-of-reach celebrations!

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