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Birthday Candle Cupcake Garnish

White Chocolate Candles make a great garnish for all your birthday cakes and cupcakes!

If you are looking for less fire on your celebratory cake, make white chocolate candles of your very own!  Bonus –  you can eat these delicious and adorable candles!


What do you need to make 18 candles:

1 Cup White Chocolate Chips
Gel Food Coloring


Place one cup of white chocolate chips in the bowl of a double boiler.  Heat the water to a low simmer and let the chips melt slowly.  Be patient!


After the chips have begun to melt, stir until smooth.

I divided the melted chocolate into 4 small bowls and blended in the gel coloring.  The chocolate began to harden as it cooled, but by microwaving at a low power it softened again.  I just didn’t work fast enough!


If you use a liquid food color the chocolate will start to seize.  If this happens, you can make it smooth again by adding coconut oil.  Using gel colors will prevent this from happening!


Blend the gel food coloring into the white chocolate until the color is uniform.


I drew out a number of candles to provide a pattern for me to follow.  I then covered the drawing with a piece of wax paper and began piping the colored white chocolate!  By sliding the wax paper over the drawing I could use my template drawing over and over.

Using a number one round decorating tip for the candles and the flame worked very well!  This is so easy to make, you must try it for yourself!


Everyone will enjoy these tasty and beautiful candles!


Happy Birthday!