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Creepy Critters Halloween Decoration


This is so easy and so fun!  I saw something similar on Pottery Barn where they sell the most wonderful creepy bug vase filler!  They placed the bugs in jars, lit them from behind and what you see  will make your skin crawl – I love it!!

What do you need?
Large Plastic Bugs
Clear Glass Jars

A string of lights

Creepy Critter Halloween Decoration
Creepy Critter Halloween Decoration

How did I do it:   I stuffed a large plastic bug into a jar so the beast is standing up, for the most part!  I then “sealed” my jar with netting or tulle, secured it with a rubber band and tied on a ribbon. I could have simply placed the lid on the jar, but we all know bugs need air, thus the netting!  Plus, it creates a creepy feeling that they might just escape!

Creepy Critter Halloween Decoration
Creepy Critter Halloween Decoration

Now for the light part!  I have fairy lights so I used them.  Fairy lights are LEDs and look like tiny little droplets of light on a thin wire.  These worked perfectly tucked behind the bug filled jars!  Fairy lights are very cool!

If you don’t have fairy lights, regular white christmas lights will work too.  I like to use led lights because they don’t get hot and they use a lot less electricity!  To camouflage the lights, I used a bit of cheese cloth spiderweb! Yes – I have a post on Cheese Cloth Spiderwebs too!  Check it out!

Enjoy your captured critters!

Creepy Critter Halloween Decorations
Creepy Critter Halloween Decorations

Happy Halloween!