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Wishes for the New Year!


Need a simple, yet personal gift for the New Year!  Well, I have one for you!  Gather your candles to create our New Year’s Wish Candle!

Recently, my daughter and I were visiting friends and we wanted to present them with a gift for the new year!  We decided on labeling a candle with a wish for each member of the family with the idea that burning the candle then makes the wishes come true!

The wishes for this favorite family ranged from good luck on a college search to may you have many wonderful bottles of wine.  Yes – those wishes were for different members of the family!

What do you need?
Paint Marker
Tape – to keep things straight!

Candle of Wishes for the New Year!

Any candle will work for this project!

If you need a guide to keep things straight,  apply tape before writing on the candles! Electrical tape works well because it is narrow and can be stretched!  Also, it is sticky, but not too sticky.


I purchased a metallic Sharpie brand paint pen.  The Oil formula worked very well on the candles.  Occasionally, I found it necessary to write on plain paper to remove any wax that accumulated on the tip of the marker!


Here is the candle we made for our friends with their personalized wishes.  The candle was originally in a jar, but it was easily removed by freezing the candle.  As the candle freezes, it shrinks and will simply pop out of its jar.  After we had written on the candle, we returned it to its jar, wrapped it in beautiful tissue paper and we had a wonderful New Year’s gift!

Now go make one of your own!