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An easy way to transfer an image using an ink jet printer, freezer paper and a spoon!

Personalize any Gift with an Inkjet Printer!

A gift pillow showing how much someone is loved!
A gift pillow showing how much someone is loved!

Recently, while surfing the net, I discovered how easy it is to transfer letters using just an ink jet printer!  I discovered this technique on a blog called  This blogger used the freezer paper transfer to create a cute wooden sign.  This was not exactly what I needed, but it was the start of something fabulous!

For my use, I needed to transfer the print to fabric to create a personalized pillow for a family friend.

Materials Required:

The mirror image of the document you want transferred.
Not sure how to create a mirror image – just google mirror image for your computer’s word processing program. It is  very simple.  This is the link that taught me how to create a mirror image using a text box – super easy to do!  Thank you TechRepublic!

Freezer paper cut into 8 1/2″ X 11″ sheets

The fabric to which you want to transfer the image.
Make sure the fabric is secure and will not shift while you are transferring the image.

Getting fabric ready for transfer.
Getting fabric ready for transfer.

That’s it!  You don’t even have to go shopping to try this project! Unless, of course, if you don’t have freezer paper, an ink jet printer or a project to personalize!

Now let’s get it done!

Once your transfer fabric is ready, place a sheet of freezer paper between two sheets of regular printer paper and insert in the paper tray.  Make sure the waxy side of the freezer paper is the side that will be printed on.  Hit print twice.  The first print will be on regular paper and the second will print on the freezer paper.

Some sites will suggest gluing the freezer paper onto a piece of card stock, but I like to keep things easy and simply sending it between two sheets of paper worked for me.  The freezer paper likes to curl so the top sheet keeps it flat so it can feed into the printer.  If this doesn’t work for you, try gluing the freezer paper onto a piece of printer paper or card stock.

I have also seen sites where they  will glue the fabric to freezer paper and send that through the printer.  I have a new printer and there was no way I am sending fraying fabric through my printer.  Plus, it limits the size of your project to an 8.5 X 11 inch piece of fabric!  Just not big enough for me!

Once your image has printed – do not touch it!  It will easily smudge.  Quickly and with care,  I place it on top of my fabric!  Make sure the image is in the correct spot the first time.  It cannot be moved!

Secure the image with tape.  I even have pieces of tape ready so I can hold the image in place with one hand while securing it with tape.

Freezer Paper Transfer
Freezer Paper Transfer

Finally – ready to transfer!

Using the back of a spoon, Rub the back of your image thoroughly!  Make sure you rub over the entire letter of each word!  I go over the whole image at least twice!

Freezer Paper Transfer
Freezer Paper Transfer

Once finished, remove the freezer paper.  Then take a moment to gaze at the beauty of the image you have created!

Message Pillow
Message Pillow

One more step – After my image is completely dry, I ironed the image to heat-set the ink!

Done!  You now have a unique and personalized gift that anyone would love!
Well – I wasn’t done – I still needed to sew my pillow together!

I have used this technique multiple times already!
It makes any ordinary gift -extraordinary!