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Wonderful gift ideas for families or anyone special on your list. Make them a gift they will love!

The Elf Movie Christmas Gift!

The Elf Movie Christmas Gift
The Elf Movie Christmas Gift

Here is a last minute gift for you!

Have someone on your list who could use a “Happy” gift; a gift that will bring a smile to the grouchiest of  grinches!
I have one for you!
An Elf movie basket with free printable gift tags!

In our household, the go to happy movie is Elf! It doesn’t matter what time of the year it is,  watching the movie Elf is guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

If you have never seen it, you really must watch it sometime!  The movie stars Will Ferrell as Elf, it has a delightful message, wonderful characters and is fun, fun, fun!  The movie also stars Zooey Deschanel (you get to hear her fabulous voice) James Caan and Bob Newhart, need I say more?

I am not one to watch movies repeatedly, but this one I have seen too many times to count!

What do you need?
An Elf Movie
The four main food groups for Elves – candy, candy canes, candy corn, & syrup

Give a Happy Christmas Gift - The Elf Movie!
Give a Happy Christmas Gift – The Elf Movie!

Don’t forget to include my favorite Elf quote -“I just like to smile.  Smilings my favorite!”

Here are printable Elf Gift Tags!

Gift Tags for an Elf Gift Basket
Gift Tags for an Elf Gift Basket

So bring a smile to someone special in your life with an Elf Christmas Basket!

The Elf Movie Christmas Gift
The Elf Movie Christmas Gift




Coffee Shop Gift Card

Do you have someone on your list who always needs a caffeine fix?

Here is a easy way to take a simple coffee shop gift card and turn it in to a delightful gift to give and receive!

Make a coffee shop gift card a fun gift to give!
Make a coffee shop gift card a fun gift to give!

What do you need?
Gift Card from a favorite coffee shop!
Paper Coffee Cup , Lid & Splash Stick
Filler for the coffee cup – Candy would be my filler of choice!

The Coffee Shop Gift Card gets Wrapped!
The Coffee Shop Gift Card gets Wrapped!

Fill your cup with the gift card and candy.   Tie on a beautiful ribbon!

Attach a coffee gift tag to the front and back of the splash stick.
If you are unable to get the splash stick, a bamboo fork will work just as well!

You now have a gift is beautiful, cheerful and a delight to receive!

The cup is the wrapping, the treat is for fun and the gift tags are available for you to print – Coffee Gift Tags!  How easy was that?

Coffee Card Gift Tags

All the coffee drinkers on your list will love this!

Wrapping the Coffee Shop Gift Card
Wrapping the Coffee Shop Gift Card
The back of the gift tag!
The back of the gift tag!
I linked up to iheartnaptime!
I linked up to iheartnaptime!

Gift Card for the Naughty & Nice!

Here is an entertaining  way to turn any gift card into a fun gift!

It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas!
It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas!

For that naughty person on your list, make it look like they are getting nothing but  coal and a sock for Christmas this year! (A house elf is the only one who might think this is a good thing!)

What do you need?
Crazy pair of socks
Wrapped truffles or some kind of wrapped round candy.  Something coal like!
Gift Card

It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas!
It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas!

Inside one of the stockings, stuff the other sock, the gift card and lots of truffles so it looks like it’s filled with lumpy coal.  Tie up the end with a ribbon, add a “coal” gift tag and voila!  A sock filled with “coal” that will please everyone, whether they have been naughty or nice!

It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas gift tags!
It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas gift tags!

Get your free printable “It looks like someone is getting coal for Christmas” gift tags here!  Remember to print in landscape!

Happy Holidays!




A Family Gift that is Fun, Easy & Fabulous!


When it comes to giving gifts at Christmas I like to make them fun, useful and easy to create!  This family gift is all those things!  I like to call it the “Be like Goldilocks and find the pair that fits ‘just right’ family Smart Wool Sock Bag!”  Maybe that’s a little long for a title, but it says it all.


For this gift I purchase a pair of Smart Wool Socks for each member of the family for whom the gift is for.  Toss them all in a gift bag, label it with a fun tag and voila! –   A fun family gift that everyone will enjoy!

But wait, there’s more!

The College Student’s Advent Calendar

College Apartment's Advent Calendar Tree
Advent Calendar Tree for a College Apartment!

We all know our college students love to receive gifts from home.   This year, why not create an advent calendar that not only counts down the days until Christmas, but more importantly, the days until finals are completed!

But wait, there’s more!

An Advent Calendar that is Adorable and Easy!

Everyone loves an advent calendar to help count down the days before Christmas!  Last year, in the last days of November, my 17 year old son said to me, “you are putting up the advent calendar, aren’t you?”  I was actually considering not doing it, he was getting pretty old for such a thing.  Next thing I know,  my 20 year old daughter is asking me if I was planning on sending an advent calendar to her college apartment!

What did I tell you?  Everyone loves an advent calendar!

Here is a link for Advent Calendars for the College Student!

Here is a video presentation!

Years ago, when my children were tiny, I began this tradition.  The socks I hung were all sewn together from fabrics that I had used on projects for the kids.  The fabrics ranged from curtain fabrics and costume materials  to pajama flannel.  Some of the stockings had pointy toes, round toes, but my proudest was the cowboy boot from fake leather – so cool!

So – if you are a seamstress.  Going this route would be very special for your kids!  Pull out all your fabric scraps and get sewing.

If you are not a seamstress – no worries.  Here is an idea that is cute, inexpensive and easy!  Does anything get better than that?

What do you need?


I used tiny socks because they are so darn cute!  The sizes ranged from 3 months to 2 years!  Pick an assortment of colors, stripes, whatever you can find!



Clothes Pins

Good Stuff to fill the socks with!


Along with candy, I like to add things like sticky notes, hand sanitizer, markers, and  automatic pencils with accessories.  In one sock they may get the pencil; the next day they receive the lead that goes with the pencil and then the eraser…

Other ideas:  small toys, nail polish, money, lip balm, hair clips, a harmonica, fun paper clips…

Years ago, I put together an advent calendar for a beloved & wonderful niece ( She reads my blog!)  The first year, I sent the socks fully stuffed with goodies so it was ready to hang up on the first day of advent.  Each year after that, I would just send the stuffing and her mother crammed it in the socks for me.  Because the advent calendar was also her Christmas gift, she had a 25th day and into that stocking she would find her Christmas gift – usually a gift card!

Just one more idea for those of you with a beloved and wonderful niece, nephew, blogger…


The final items to include in the advent stockings are jokes and riddles.  Sometimes I will give the riddle one day and the answer the next.  You will find tons of them on the web, but this year I found something special!

These are lunch box jokes from a fellow blogger and these are perfect for an advent calendar!  Here is the link to so you can print up some of your very own – Christmas Jokes!


Now that you have gathered your supplies, the rest is easy.

The socks will need to be numbered from 1 to 24.  I punched out circles of card stock, numbered them and hot glued them to the socks.  Let me tell you, those numbers aren’t going anywhere!

Using clothes pins, hang the stockings on a ribbon, leaving plenty of ribbon on either end for tying up the calendar!


Now for the fun part – filling the stockings!


You better get on this soon!


I linked up to iheartnaptime!
I linked up to iheartnaptime!