Felt Easter Eggs to Fill with Treats!


Refillable Felt Easter Eggs!  Who wouldn’t like a basket filled with these?

Refillable Felt Easter Eggs
Refillable Felt Easter Eggs

I wanted to try something new this year so I came up with a way to make an egg that could be filled with goodies! The eggs are designed to take the place of Easter baskets for those occasions when Easter baskets for everyone is not practical! Times when grandma invites friends, family and neighbors to Easter or when you wish to send a little something to five college roommates!

These adorable eggs are made out of felt and have a velcro closure so the egg can be filled with Easter grass, candy, money (for the poor college student), gift cards, movie tickets… The sky is the limit!

Creating the eggs involves simply cutting 4 pieces of a single pattern piece (included in the post – of course!); sewing 3 seams; turning it right side out and attaching an adhesive velcro closure!  It is that easy, until you get to the hard part – What to fill the eggs with?

What do you need?
Adhesive Velcro Closures
Filler – Definitely Easter grass and candy! The rest is up to you!

Felt for making Fabric Easter Eggs
Felt for making Fabric Easter Eggs

Head over to your local fabric store and select a few pieces of your favorite felt colors. Because the pattern piece is 8″ long, a quarter of a yard is a good amount to buy.  I purchased a quarter of a yard of the above 4 colors and it cost me $4!  Felt is perfect for a project like this!  It’s inexpensive, easy to work with and comes in so many wonderful colors!

With my total felt yardage of one yard, I was able to create 18 of these 5″ eggs!


A printable pattern piece can be found here :  Egg Pattern

Each egg requires 4 pieces and I cut out two at a time because of the thickness of the felt. Any more than that and I can’t squeeze my scissors!

If you check the pictures you will see that I made some of the eggs a single color and mixed the colors on others!  Put them together however you like!

Refillable Felt Easter Eggs
Refillable Felt Easter Eggs

Put two pieces together and pin one of the sides.  This is the side you will be sewing first!

Felt Pieces for Fabric Easter Eggs
Felt Pieces for Fabric Easter Eggs

Sew  the two pieces together on the one side.  Sew where the dotted line on the pattern piece indicates. I used a 1/4″ seam.

To prevent your seams from unraveling, “knot” the ends of the seam by using the backstitch to overlap a few stitches! Backstitching at the beginning and end of your seam will create a strong seam that will not unravel!

Sew the other two pieces together in the same manner.

Felt Pieces for Fabric Easter Eggs
Felt Pieces for Fabric Easter Eggs

Open up the pieces you have just sewn and pin them, right sides together.  Sew around the outer edge of the egg where the dotted lines on the pattern indicate.

The rounded flaps are not sewn.  The flaps will create the closure at the bottom of the egg.

Refillable Felt Easter Eggs
Refillable Felt Easter Eggs

As you can see in the above picture, after you turn your egg right side out there will be 4 rounded flaps.  After filling your egg, fold two of the opposite flaps down creating a seal at the bottom of your egg!


Attach the adhesive velcro closures on the last two flaps and seal up your egg!

You are almost done!


To finish your eggs. I created fun Easter tags for you to print for free!

Using embroidery floss and a large needle, I ran a double piece of floss thru the top of my egg and used that to tie on the gift tag!

You can find free printable copies of the Easter Gift Tags here!
Click here for small tags (shown in picture) that print 9 to a page –   Easter Tags
Click here for large tags that print 3 to a page –   Large Easter Tags

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Happy Easter Everyone!

I linked up to iheartnaptime!
I linked up to iheartnaptime!