A Gift for the Cook in Your Life!

Some of the most important people in our lives are the ones that prepare fabulous food for us to eat!  Here is a simple DIY for a scrubby kitchen cloth that anyone who washes dishes will love! These cloths are wonderful for scrubbing pots and pans, but the best part is that they are machine washable!  So go make a bunch and say Thank You to all the wonderful cooks in your life!

DIY Kitchen Cloth Scrubby

What do you need?
Scouring Pads
Kitchen Cloths
Bias Tape

Making a scrubby kitchen cloth!
Making a scrubby kitchen cloth!

The scouring pads are a bit stiff to sew, but if you rinse them out a few times they will soften a little bit!

Sewing the Scrubby
Sewing the Scrubby

I cut my scouring pads into 2 & 1/2  inch circles and sewed bias tape around the edges. Make sure you use a heavy duty needle and sew slowly!

Sewing the Scubby
Sewing the Scrubby

When you get close to overlapping your bias tape, cut the tape so there is one inch of overlap.  Fold the end of the bias tape under 1/4″ and pin into place as the picture above shows! Finish sewing!

Scrubby Kitchen Cloth

Last step – Pin your bias tape trimmed scouring pad onto a kitchen cloth.  I pinned mine 1.5″ from both edges of one of the corners.  Sew the outer edge so the scouring pad is now attached to the kitchen cloth!

Voila – A Scrubby Kitchen Cloth!

Finish off your gift with some fabulous hot pads!

A kitchen gift for your favorite cook!
A kitchen gift for your favorite cook!

The hot pads shown here have a neoprene face that provides great grip and insulation.  I own a few of these and they are wonderful!  My one word of caution is – follow the washing instructions! That sounds easy enough, but how many of us do it?

I threw one of mine in the washing machine & dryer which resulted in a small tear in the neoprene layer.  It is now essentially useless!  Just follow the instructions  –  hand wash ONLY and they will be a wonderful addition to anyone’s kitchen!

Have fun making and using your Kitchen Cloth Scrubby!
Now everyone is going to want to do the dishes!