A Family Gift that is Fun, Easy & Fabulous!


When it comes to giving gifts at Christmas I like to make them fun, useful and easy to create!  This family gift is all those things!  I like to call it the “Be like Goldilocks and find the pair that fits ‘just right’ family Smart Wool Sock Bag!”  Maybe that’s a little long for a title, but it says it all.


For this gift I purchase a pair of Smart Wool Socks for each member of the family for whom the gift is for.  Toss them all in a gift bag, label it with a fun tag and voila! –   A fun family gift that everyone will enjoy!

Not familiar with Smart Wool Socks?  Well, you are missing out on some of the nicest wool blended socks!  These are my family’s favorite.  In fact, they are such a favorite that sometimes one family member may be known to accuse other family members of stealing their SmartWool Socks!  It happens!  We love our SmartWools!

Smart Wools are  available for men, women & children!  Socks for runners, hikers, bikers,  travelers, hunters , fishermen and those that like to have fun in the snow!

Smart wool creates socks for everyone!

Smart Wool Family Gift

Not only can you find every kind of sock, they also create them in crazy colors, calm colors, wild prints, tranquil prints  and plain old beige.  See  – I told you –  socks for everyone on your list!

Here is my last plug for Smart Wool Socks!


I know – can you believe it!  Made in the USA!

Now go create a  “Goldilock’s Family Smart Wool Sock Bag” for a fun family in your life!


Ok – you could use socks other than SmartWool – if you have to!