Last fall, I purchased a bag of white tulips on clearance with the plan of forcing them in a pot. I tossed the bag in my garage, so they could experience 12+ weeks of cold!

Tulips need to experience winter weather in order for them to bloom and this year that was not a problem – many, many, many weeks of cold winter weather!

Patiently, I waited until March when small signs of springs were emerging to plant my bulbs in a pot.

Following the directions on the package, I knew my particular tulips needed to be planted 6 inches deep. I half filled my clay pot with potting soil and tucked all 14-tulip bulbs into the soil – bud end up, rounded end down – it matters! I then buried the bulbs, watered my pot well and placed it back in the garage.

Two weeks later I checked my pot and voila – tulips were popping out.
I moved the pot outside on my porch and continued to wait…

Waiting for tulips!

And wait…


I’m doing this again next year!